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For Translation Jobs

Important notice: I am only helping people who’re in my facebook groups to find jobs I found interesting on the net, I don’t have any affiliations whatsoever with the job providers. The links provided are links that I have tested and they are genuine, at least before I posted them bellow. Following the links bellow are at your own risk, I hold no liability whatsoever for any broken link, or links that might have changed, or any other inconvenience. Thanks for visiting and may your day and job search be fruitful. I pray for ALL, Alain.

  1. http://www.realtranslatorjobs.com/?hop=ayzx456#
  2. https://www.smartlation.com/news/
  3. Technicis is hiring! We are recruiting translators in permanent contract: > FR; > EN; >DE; >ZH. Are you a professional translator looking to join the France’s leading translation agency? Don’t wait! Apply now on our website! click here to be re-directed
  4. Translation Editor Amazon UK Click here to be re-directed
  5. Translation Specialist – English and Additional European Languages Click here to be re-directed
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