General Terms and Conditions of Use

For Clients:§1 General Conditions

Translations Home provides the general public with the possibility of requesting translations of text in return of a fee through the Translations Home website. Translations are executed by Translations Home, or freelance partners. However, the client remains the contractual partner of Translations Home, not the freelancer, who may be commissioned by Translations Home.§2 Contract Formation

The client may submit a file to be translated via the contact form and/or email. Translations Home shall then estimate the cost after which the client shall be informed. Once the cost has been confirmed in writing by the client, the contract between Translations Home and the client takes immediate effect. However, Translation Home reserves the right to terminate a contract as outline in 4. Should a contract be cancelled, neither party is obliged to claim damages.

2.1 Translations Home may request an advance payment for a contract to take effect.

3 Delivery deadlines are mandatory only if such deadlines have been confirmed in written form by Translations Home.

§3 Nature of Services

3.1 Translations Home hereby agrees that any text that shall be submitted by the client shall be translated into the appropriate language in a professional manner, as shall be requested by the client.

3.2 Only text shall be translated, Translations home reserves the right to reject parts or the entirety of text that might contain such things as graphics: comics, pictures, avatars, etc. Translations Home shall also, according to internal policies, reserve the right to reject any text whose contents may comprise of illegal connotations that might infringe upon public ethics. Compensation shall be out of question, in case of such rejections.

§4 Reception and notice of Imperfections and Correction

4.1 Translations Home shall notify the client via email of any completed task. Completed text shall be attached to such notification emails. Clients must see to it that such files are downloadable into their systems.

Translations Home could also, upon request, print and post any translated document via registered mail. The client shall in such cases bear the cost of printing and post fees. Once any such document has been sent and the registration number transmitted to the client, Translations Home shall consider such task as completed and closed. Any further problem with the post office shall be dealt with by the client, solely.

Text could also be faxed, upon special agreement. The client shall then bear full responsibility for such transmittal via fax.

4.2 The client is obliged to make request for any correction for any obvious mistake that shall be noticed upon download of the file. Such a request must outline the incongruities in writing. 48hours after reception, Translations Home shall no longer be liable for any incongruities or corrections.

4.3 Should a text not be in accordance with the contractual agreement, a minimum of up to 15days must be considered as correction time frame. Corrections that might occur due to a client’s faulty text submission, or incomplete or incorrect text, are excluded.

4.4 Should the time frame be exceeded, the client may claim reimbursement, compensation or rebate for any correction that has not respected the time frame.

§5 Guarantee, Liability and Limitations

Translation Home shall not be responsible for any loss in profit that might occur due to a breach of statutory duty.

5.1. All guarantees set by common law, to the fullest extent allowed by the law, are excluded from the contract. Except the general terms and conditions set by Translations Home.

5.2 Translations Home shall, under no circumstances, be liable, unless agreed upon in writing, for the appropriateness of any translations that shall be published in such cases as on-line publications for marketing purposes. The client is solely responsible for the publication of text.

§6 Termination

The client reserves the right to revoke the contract at all times prior to completion. Translation Home shall then require compensation for any text that has already been translated prior to the termination request.

Any documentation that shall be provided by a client for the sole purpose of translation shall be returned upon request. Files provided shall be archived for internal purpose solely; the client may request the complete deletion of such files only upon agreement.

§7 Rights of Use

Within the scope of the term of copyright law by translation services, Translations Home shall see to it that a client may use and process items in any document that has been translated without limitations. Transmittal to third parties and/or modification, disclosure of underlying rights, is excluded.

§8 Compensation and Payment

Translations Home shall provide the agreed services for billing, and the appropriate value added tax (which is not mandatory for freelancers according to German Legislation) in accordance to 2.1

8.1 Payment must be executed in a maximum of 48hrs upon reception of invoice, in the case of delays, or arrears, Translations Home reserves the right to request a default fee of up to 5%.

8.2 Until payments are paid in full, copyright and processing right are restricted from transfer.

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